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Disney Melodies

Melodies are a group songs that are put together as a group and today I have decided to take a look at some Disney melodies that are covers.  

No, no not that Melody.... Musical Melodies

The Lion King Melody

Our first melody comes to us from Micheal Crawford and it featrues songs that were used in The Lion King.   This meldoy features the songs"Circle of Life", "Can You Feel The Love Tongiht" and my favorite song that was featured in the stage adaption, "He Lives In You".  I feel that this melody works well and transition is neat. I have to admit when the song first transitioned I forgot that this was a meldoy. I mean I knew that these were three diffrent songs but the way the flowed made them feel as though they were one full song.

It's a Small World/God Help the Outcasts


This is perhaps one of the most unique melodies that I ahve ever heard as it takes two completely different types of songs and blends them together nicely.  This melody takes "It's a Small World", which is usually a very happy song and makes it seem ore adult and then it also adds "God Help the Outcasts". A song that is already very adult in nature and  puts it with a song that is noramlly assoicated with children but it works well. Sadly YouTube only ahd an amatuer version but I do have a link to the professional recording of this song.

Fianlly our last melody is

Go The Distance/You'll be in my Heart/Reflection

This is perhaps my favorite mlody as it takes three very inspirational songs and puts them together nicely.  I will admit it was odd at first hearing a woman sing Go The Distance but it still works and these songs all work well together. They send a very good message of being true to yourself and the spirit of the songs still rings  with this melody.   Fun fact: the lady singing was the singing voice for Mulan.

There you have it three Disney melodies that I enjoy and I hope you enjoyed them too.

Top 6 Song Voting

So far the voting is going rather well, we have 3 votes for After Today, just need one more vote to lock it in.  1 vote for One Jump Ahead and 1 vote for Proud of Your Boy. Now, I hope you guys undertand that the three songs that were featured in this blog cannot be voted for as they are not on the voting roster.  If you wish to vote, you can leave your vote in the comments section by putting Top 6 Song Countdown: Insert Song here.   Or could you could go to the list I released yesterday to vote. Either votes are welcome as this is Your Top 6.

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