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Top 6 Most Annoying Disney Characters (From Shows or Movies I Like)

Every once in a while, you tend to come across characters that you can't stand and just drive you up the wall.  They can come from good movies or shows or even bad but no matter what these characters always tend to ruin the experience when they are onscreen.  Join me today as I countdown what I consider the Top 6 Most Annoying Disney Characters from  Shows or Movies I Like.

6.  Candace Flynn  -  Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb  ranks as one of the best animated shows to come out in the last few years but if there is one character that I have disliked from the get go from the beginning, it would be Candace.  From the very first episode, I have been able to stand this character and that's ashame because I like her voice actress, Ashley Tisdale. As I thought she was great on Suite Life and I get that sometimes actresses play roles different from what were used to seeing.  My biggest problem with this character can be summed up with one word: Bust.  You see where I feel that Phineas and Ferb's inventions are for the most part creative and make for great stories, Candace trying to bust them has at least to me gotten rather stale. Sure, it's been toned a bit and is is obvious that she does care for her brothers but her busting of them is just starting to feel tired.

5. Sharpay Evans - High School Musical

What do you know? Another character played by Ashley Tisdale.  I have stated in the past that I actually like High School Musical but if I had to choose a character that annoyed me the most, it would be Sharpay.  I get that she was the antagonist and that she is spoiled and used to getting her way. Here's the thing though, I hate characters like that and really, that's all there is to this character, she doesn't get things her way, so she wants everyone else to suffer.  Again, yes she grew into a more well rounded character during the 3 films but all of that was thrown out the window in her spin off film.   Where she acted more like the character from the first film.

 4.   Iola Morton  -  The Mystery of The Applegate Treasure

Now we come to the character that inspired this list in the first place.  As I stated during my review,  this character annoyed me to no end.   As stated in my review,  this is the one character that drove me up the wall and each time, I saw her onscreen she made me cringe.   Yes, they made changes to this character from the books and if you recall how in the review, I said they made all of the characters younger than their book counterparts.  It felt the most obvious with the character of Iola.  Oddly, I didn't have that problem with Frank or Joe. There was just something about this character that I found irritating.

3.  Cousin Larry - Kim Possible

Just to show that it's not  females,  the last three are male characters.  You may have noticed that majority of these characters come from Disney Channel.  (Odd isn't it).   Majority of the characters on Kim Possible are likable. Even the villains are likable but if there is one character that I loathed from this series, it would be KP's Cousin Larry.   Larry is the embodiment of the stereotypical nerd/geek.  I feel like it is turned up a notch too many.  KP  clearly didn't care for Larry and let me you tell you I felt the same way.  Though my biggest problem with this is his voice.   My word,  I hated his voice that was the biggest thing about the character that could drive me up a wall.   The problem I had with his voice is that it while not bland, it was so monotone and sounded boring.  My least favorite episodes of Kim Possible are usually the ones, that Cousin Larry were in. Thankfully, he wasn't in that many but each time, he was it felt like a chore to sit through that particular episode.

2. Fifer and Fiddler Pig  - The Three Little Pigs shorts

If you've been reading my Three Little Pigs Thursday's,  this one shouldn't be too big of a surprise.   If your curious as to why, I have grouped these two together that is because they are the same exact character. Seriously,  they have no defining charactersitcs to establish them and also they always get caught by the Wolf and I was almost at the point where I was rooting for the Wolf to capture them and I was surprised that their older brother, Practical didn't blow up at these sooner than he did because they always disobeyed him. To be fair, they did give us one good thing....

1.  Chick Hicks - Cars

The character that I find to be most annoying is Chick Hicks.  The biggest complaint I hear about Cars, is Mater and perhaps it's because I like Larry The Cable Guy but I want to ask them,  "Did you not notice Chick Hicks?"  When I did my review of Cars,  they labelled him as rival because he has no villainous attributes. That's okay that can work and I understand that they wanted a character that could rival McQueen in terms of ego but it was so over-the-top, that it became annoying.  Cars is one of my favorite Pixar films and really the only thing that keeps it from stealing the number 1 spot on my list of favorite Pixar films is the character of Chick Hicks.   I seriously believe that if this character had been cut from Cars, it would make what I consider a good movie, even better. The one good thing about him is that he isn't in too much of the film but when he is, I can't stand him.

These are the Top 6 Disney Characters that  I find annoying even though I enjoy the source material that they come from. I'm sure we all have characters who annoy us even if we like the show/film/short that they come from. Who are some Disney characters that can drive you up the wall? Tell me in the comments.

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