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Frozen Week: Top 6 Anna Moments

Hello  & welcome back to A Look at Disney and to the third theme week, of 2014.  It's not often that I come up with an idea for a theme week, after seeing a movie in theaters but  I knew back in November that when I saw in Frozen in theaters that when it came out on Blu Ray,  I had to do a Frozen Week and so now for the first time in forever,  I'm doing just that.   And  we are doing just that and to kick things off, we are going to take a look at my Top  6 Anna Moments.  With that out of the way, let's begin.

To be honest,  I had the hardest time choosing a moment for the number 5 spot but the more I thought about it, I had to go with Do You Want To Build A Snowman as this is one of the most crucial moments in the film as it takes us  the years that these two sisters have drifted apart and we see that from Anna's end that she still wants to have a relationship with her big sister.  Something that I can relate to being a younger sibling that lost connection with his big sister for some time. This number does an excellent job of  taking you through the various emotions that Anna is going through with cute as a little kid that just wants to play with her big sister to the final shot after their parents have died, where she needs support.

This final scene isn't so much Anna  asking Elsa to build a snowman but rather, just be there for her in her time of need because she  has no one in her life and at this point, she just needs some sort of support.

The window is open, so's that door. Who knew, we owned a thousand salad plates.  Sorry,  I just really love this song and this is what I would classify as a great introductory song as it  lets the audience know who Anna is.  She's a sweet, young girl, that may be a bit naive that only wants to see the best in people and has dreams of grandeur.   This  is  Anna's  "I Want"  but the thing this isn't her true "Want".  While she sings of having romance and sophisticated grace, her true want is the love of her sister and this song is great as we get to feel what Anna  wants and learn who she is, through this great number.

This reprise edges out the original  as being a younger sibling myself,   you have  those moment, where you want to comfort your older sibling but you don't  know how and  you feel at a loss, not being able to help them.  What they are dealing with,  may be out of your reach but you would do anything for therm because to you they are one of the most important people   in your life and with Anna here,  I can relate because my big sis has been put through a lot of tough times and I've wanted to help her but  not knowing how to help her and   not wanting to be shut out by someone you love so much, that you would go to the ends of the earth and back to help, even though you may not know what it'll take to help them in their time of need.

3.   That's  No Blizzard, That's My Sister

 Y'know  in  one fashion or another,   younger siblings have always said something along this line, when their older sibling gets angry and it is perhaps one of the most relatable lines from this film as it just shows "oh, geese, what is my sister going through now?" type moment pretty well and it is in my opinion, one of Anna's funniest lines.

2.  Trying To Stop Hans

This originally was my # 1 moment but there is one line that  edged it out for the top spot.  This is an important moment for Anna as she sees Hans about to take a sword to her big sister and goes there, even with how frozen, she is, she is willing to sacrifice her life for Elsa and show how much she loves her and would do anything for her.

1.  She's my sister, she would never hurt me

As soon as I heard this line,  I knew that this had to be my # 1.  This line out of any line in the film had the most resonance with me as a younger sibling.  You see,  there is a reason I chose Anna as my Frozen Week avatar because in the relationship with my big sister, I am very much the Anna in our relationship and this line reminded me how much I love my big sister because to a younger sibling,  your big sibling is someone really special to you.  They are in many respects, your first friend, your first hero, and the first person that you truly idolize and want to be like.  This  line is a reminder that  siblings have a special bond and younger siblings always want to believe that their older siblings will always protect them and never do anything to hurt them.  They are some of the most special people in the life of a younger sibling and you just always have a strong connection that cannot be unbroken.   And as for Anna,  this line just shows that even through everything Anna and Elsa had been through, she still has love for her sister and still believes that her big sister has her best interest at heart.   Something that I can truly relate to.

There you have it,  my Top 6 Anna Moments.  I hope that you guys have enjoyed this list. Join me tomorrow as Frozen Week continues as I countdown my...

Top 6 Elsa Moments



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